Some tips to protect your mobile phone from water

One of the most common misfortunes that our cell phone can suffer is sinking into the water, sea, pool, or even toilet.

Below are some tips to reduce such unwanted situations that in most cases the mobile phone ends up unrepaired in a recycling bin either due to the high cost of "unprofitable" repair or due to extensive damage caused by unreliable repair.


For some users, protecting their phone from water is quite obvious, but some others, may not be familiar with the following tips, so they might be helpful. However, prevention in both categories is the best treatment.

Tip # 1

Avoid placing your mobile phone on tables near full glasses.

In such cases, there is an increased chance that a drink or coffee be spilled on a mobile phone.

Also, in these cases, even if there is no glass fall accident, especially in the summer, due to atmospheric humidity, the glasses sweat, resulting in large water droplets on the surfaces that are placed.


Our mobile phones are at greater risk of water intrusion. Keep your devices on a higher surface or even better don't put them on the same table with the glasses.

Tip # 2

Beaches and swimming pools

During our summer activities, the chances of exposing our favorite cell phone to water are increased. But if we always have prevention in mind, we will definitely avoid it.

What should I do?

– I always check the pockets of my swimsuit before diving into the sea or pool
– I do not touch my device with wet hands
– I do not leave my device exposed near waves
– I don't take photos / selfies in the water  και να είμαι μέσα στο νερό 

Tip # 3

If you are an active person and you do not want your mind to be constantly on the safe side to protect your mobile phone from getting wet, the best solution is to buy a waterproof mobile phone case to protect it from accidents. It's a great alternative and a quite good investment, especially if you've paid a lot of money for your device.


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