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Our goal is to always be ahead of the developments in technology, thus providing high quality services. Our priority is to offer our customers repair services with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
Προτεραιότητα μας είναι να προσφέρουμε στους πελάτες μας υπηρεσίες επισκευών με τις υψηλότερες προδιαγραφές ποιότητας και επαγγελματισμού.

Free repairs for warranty devices and as specified by the manufacturers.

  • Your waterproof device remains waterproof even after repair.
  • Certification and control (Certified water resistance tests with appropriate control equipment by the manufacturers.)
  • Diagnostic and Final test (diagnostic tests before repair and final / quality control of all functions and check of device before delivery)

Repairs In addition to warranty

  • Maintenance of the factory warranty, even after repairing a broken device.
  • We can replace any part of your cell phone, tablet or wearable that has been damaged, whether it is under warranty or out of date. Our certified technicians are in our store ready to deal with any damage of your device with the right tools.

Genuine spare parts / Excellent technical means

  • We use genuine spare parts with each repair, to ensure the best possible result for our customers.

Fast service

  • We repair any damage quickly, reliably and economically.
  • (85% of our repairs are completed on the same day or no later than the next day)

Certified technicians

  • Our certified technicians are at our store ready to deal with any damage of your device, with the right tools.
  • Our company consists of highly qualified staff who are always available to assist you. With the continuous training of our technicians, we are always evolving and aware of the news of technology.

Device Pickup

With "Pickup & return" service, our company picks up your device from anywhere in Cyprus, to repair it and send it back in just 4 working days. **

* Upon arrival, please bring your purchase receipt.

* In order to provide the best experience of using our devices, the repair center is obliged to upgrade the software in any kind of repair. In this way, we ensure the proper operation of the device. In these cases, it is recommended that the customer keeps a backup of the data contained on their device, as this may be lost during the repair process. Our company is not responsible for any loss of content (data) on the data device. In any case, the customer provides his explicit consent to the processing of any personal data on their device, in particular their deletion.

* We recommend that you remove the memory card and SIM before handing over the device.

* If the damage of the device is related to any accessories (eg hands free, charger, etc.) you also need to present the accessory for inspection.

* If the repair of your mobile phone is impossible (the cost of repair exceeds the value of the product), there is no charge.

* In case you choose not to repair it, there is a minimum charge / diagnostic cost of €11.90, which is deducted if you leave us your mobile phone for recycling.

* We repair any damage quickly, reliably and economically.

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