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Με την υπηρεσία ‘’Παραλαβή συσκευής’’ (Pickup & return) η εταιρεία μας αναλαμβάνει να παραλάβει την συσκευή σας από οποιοδήποτε σημείο της Κύπρου να την επισκευάσει και να την στείλει πίσω επισκευασμένη σε μόλις 4 εργάσιμες μέρες. **

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In a quite short time, a representative of our company will contact you in order to arrange the receiving of the device.

Immediately afterwards, we will send you an e-mail with the consignment note of the Pickup & Return Service which you can optionally print in order to accompany your device. 


ACS Courier will receive your device for free *. Pack your device carefully and deliver it to the carrier. Ideally, in an envelope or small cardboard box, after you have wrapped it with absorbent paper or bubble wrap.


Once we receive the device, we notify you. We will proceed to a technical test, we will estimate the damage and we will inform you. You will be fully informed about the exact time and cost, in order to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the device repairing. If the repair is carried out within the warranty period, you will be notified as soon as the repair is completed.


Your device will be repaired and sent to you within 24 hours **.

If we need extra time in order to receive the spare parts, we will notify you and inform you about the estimated time of completion. If you do not want us to proceed because you are not covered by warranty, you have 2 options: We return the device to you with a charge of €11.90 for the check or you leave the device for recycling, without any charge.
Αν δε θέλετε να προχωρήσει η επισκευή για τις εκτός εγγύησης περιπτώσεις έχετε 2 επιλογές. Σας το επιστρέφουμε με χρέωση €11,90 για τον έλεγχο ή μας αφήνετε τη συσκευή για ανακύκλωση, χωρίς καμία χρέωση.


Receive your phone or tablet at your door. You will not be charged for shipping for repairs over 100 euros, nor for the return shipping *. You pay by cash on delivery. It usually takes 1 to 2 working days to be delivered.

Receiving Details

Device Details

* Inaccessible areas outside the limits of the ACS network are excluded. 
** Time-consuming damages such as water, network unlocking, etc. which can take up to 7 days, as well as cases of hard-to-find spare parts, are excluded.

Device receiving terms

  1. The customer needs to backup their data adequately and completely before handing over their device. Fonemaster is not responsible for the loss of any data and files of the device during the execution of technical work by technicians.

  2. Fonemaster is not responsible for the transfer of the device from the customer to the repair center. Safe packaging and transport of the product is the customer’s responsibility.

  3. If the device is covered by warranty, it is necessary to be accompanied by a copy of the retail receipt or invoice.

  4. The repairing time depends on the availability of the spare part of each manufacturer, but also on unexpected complications during the restoration process. Fonemaster bears no responsibility for any delays as well as the consequences it may have on the customer.

  5. In case a device which during the delivery is covered by warranty, but after a technical inspection it is found that the device is out of warranty due to misuse and the customer denies the repair cost, then there is a minimum check fee of 11,90€.

  6. The description of the damage at the present is made at the absolute discretion of the customer. Fonemaster performs a technical inspection to determine the damage as said and the complete right operation of the device. It then informs the customer of the full description and possible costs to solve the problem.

  7. In case the fault is related to connection terminals such as the charger, USB cable, headphones and other accessories, please send them together with the device for technical inspection.
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